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Making Smarter Legal Tech Decisions in 2022

Making Smarter Legal Tech Decisions in 2022 Webinar

Watch our panel with Godard Abel, CEO of G2 Crowd, and leaders of two of Legal tech's most well-reviewed products – Logikcull and PacerPro. 

Facilitated by Bob Ambrogi, this panel aims to make your technology decisions easier by:

  • Decoding the purchasing landscape and trends for legal software purchases.
  • Focus on customer-centric delivery, which Godard says is the hallmark of successful customer relationships.
  • Demonstrate how this principle, which impacts everything from the user interface to onboarding/training, to ongoing customer support, can be measured and managed.



Godard Abel, Co-founder & CEO of G2

Godard leads G2 Crowd, a billion-dollar enterprise software review platform with user feedback across thousands of software products and tens of thousands of business customers utilizing data and real-time algorithms to rank vendors. During the panel, Abel will discuss current trends he sees distinguishing successful and unsuccessful software products.

Dhana Bala, CTO of PacerPro

Dhana has 17+ years of leadership experience building advanced software systems across categories such as cybersecurity, IoT, networking, wireless and legal. Her successes in customer-centric approaches to technology will be shared on the panel.

Andy Wilson, Founder & CEO of Logikcull

Andy has grown Logickull into one of the fastest-growing eDiscovery prducts in the world with over 1,500 customers in over 40 countries and ended 2021 as the highest-ranked eDiscovery software in G2. 

Stephanie L. Goutos, Practice Innovation Attorney, Gunderson Dettmer

Stephanie has significant experience leading technology innovation at law firms and is skilled in promoting change, driving quantifiable results, and supporting an organization’s overall objectives. Prior to joining Gunderson Dettmer, Stephanie was the Manager of Innovation and Knowledge Management at a national law firm with more than 950 attorneys, where she led multiple enterprise deployments and was instrumental in building out the firm’s Innovation & Knowledge Management department.

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